"In life nothing should be feared, everything should be understood."

Marie Sklodowska-Curie

Do you feel like sucked up by a black hole? Do you feel like closed up in a cage with no exit? Do you no longer have the force to move forward? Do you feel like disappearing?

Is your head going to explode? Is it in complete chaos? Are you wondering if you are "normal"?

Do you no longer have any control over your life? Alcohol, drugs, sex, gambling, work are taking over your life? Do you no longer know who you are?

You don't like yourself? You feel ugly? Stupid? You would like to be someone else?

Are you lonely? You don't have any friends? You would like to have a partner in life?

Every discussion with your partner ends by quarrel? You don't really talk to each other anymore? You live in conflict with somebody close?

Divorce? Separation? A crise in your relationship?

Your sex life no longer gives you any satisfaction? You suffer? Do you think your sex life is not normal?